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This cozy and quaint apartment condo was updated by our team adding a combination of new furnishings, artwork, lighting and accessories. We added a beautiful textured wallcovering to the feature wall and completed the spaces with turnkey styling.
Overall this home is now a comfortable and inviting living space for our clients to entertain in.

St. Clair 33.JPG
St. Clair 28.JPG
St. Clair 19.JPG
St. Clair 24.JPG
St. Clair 21.JPG
St. Clair 14.JPG
St. Clair 15.JPG
St. Clair 38.JPG
St. Clair 32.JPG
St. Clair 2.JPG
St. Clair 6.JPG
St. Clair 3.JPG
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