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wigwoss home


We were asked to remodel the main front entrance hall, dining room and piano room of this traditional 2 storey home. We kept the existing architecture such as the staircase balusters, columns and flooring and changed the paint colour, furnishings, lighting, drapery, rugs, mirrors and artwork and added a beautiful statement piece of white cherry blossoms hand sculpted cascading up the stairs. A beautiful faux grasscloth wallcovering was also added in the paino room and all new accents were styled by our team.

woodbridge 6.JPG
woodbridge 2.JPG
woodbridge 18.JPG
woodbridge 45.JPG
woodbridge 41.JPG
woodbridge 43.JPG
woodbridge 21.JPG
woodbridge 62.JPG
woodbridge 48.JPG
woodbridge 3.JPG
woodbridge 17.JPG
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